So, the other day I was talking to a group of friends and someone mentioned about the drab Monday and how we all are eagerly waiting for Friday – the next weekend and that got me thinking. So, I spoke about it to few more and well many people seem to drag themselves through the week, only in the hope of a great weekend. So, if we are actually enjoying the weekend alone and paying dearly for it through the week, isn’t it counter productive. Why do people ask what did you do over the weekend as if it is a sin to do the same on weekdays. Think about it – 2 days gain for 5 days pain :: or a staggering 71% for a mere 29%. If we continue with this thinking, the cycle probably starts by the time we are in school (as early as 2 now a days) and continues to the time we retire (say 60) then we would have spent a massive 42 years studying and working for enjoying less than 18 years worth of life. In other workds we are dying in our teens – dying very young.

As self study books go, probably you have heard of the “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“. But c’mon how many of us truly love our work that we look forward to a Monday morning – that too driving through insane traffic to get there. ‘What to do’, you say, what other option. Well, if you learn to look forward and enjoy every moment in life, then you won’t be too keen on the last few days of a week. Imagine getting up fresh and looking forward to a nice tea or enjoying a hot shower. Think about the awesome audio book that is waiting for you as you step into your car. How about the curiosity of and reading about the next technological marvel. Listening to Arjith’s melodies on a rainy day. The tea time banter with friends – a good lunch. How about geting lost in work – hmmm possible for some. Gossiping with your soulmate. Having a chat with your child after he/she is back from school. Movie mid-week – why not? A captivating book as you start the day – you know where. Penning your thoughts on a blog and digging up posts from several years back the same day/month. Arranging photos in google, or printing them the old way and arranging them on a bound album like the good old days. Sending your friends one of the pics from college/school time. With my dumb brain if I could rake up these, I am pretty sure you can pull many more. If you are the spiritual kind, then they say that even the act of breathing can be exciting – not there – so no idea about it.

All said and done, it all boils down to this – don’t plan and postpone your happiness to weekends – your life is much more than just a weekend blockbuster 🙂