When I first landed in bangalore I thought, well it is like any other city as the bus-stand was as bad as that of pondicherry’s.But eventually I have changed my opinion about this city. It painfully tries to emulate a foreign city. There is something very unique here. U can find people very energetic and […]

Tamil way of learning Hindi 1,2,3…

Yake Gawn Mein Yake Kisaan RaghuThathaUske paas Dho Gai MayThathaRoj Gai Theen Litre Dhoodh DheyThathaIske Baarey Mein Chaar Log Chaar Vidham BolThaathaKyonki Dhoodh Mein Thaatha Paanch litre Paani KalakThaatha Chey O’clock Seval KoovThaathaThaatha Saath Logown Ko Is Dhoodh OooThaathaLog Isko Aat Kaal Soup Kay Saath KudiThaathaSoup Peekar Now Log Seththu PoThaathaUn Logon Ko Dhas Dhin […]