Kangalal kaithu sei (BharathiRaja)

We don’t have a TV at home yet and so we used to watch almost all new movies in our computer. “Kangalal Kaithu sei” by bharathi raja was one among them. It is too bad that I doubt whether I could call it a movie at all. Sheer stupidity. It was suppossed to be a thriller or have we misunderstood. Atleast the music director Rahman could have told “dei raja, idhu oru padam. Idhuku naan music vera podanum”.
The movie starts with the introduction of hero. He is a business mag(NUT). He has so much to his name in a small age. But there is a hidden personality in him. He did not get the affection from his parents and grew up in a strict environment. So he longs for it and his image for that is ‘Cinderella’. When he sees our heroine he thinks she is cinderella. (Like Abirami abirami… from guna).
Another thing is that he has a notorious habit of stealing. He steals a costly diamond in which the heroine is working and she is blamed. She tries to get it back from him by working with him as his secretary. Believe me the story will be much worse when you actually see it. The characters are made with uttermost carelessness, not to mention the screenplay. I think it would have been apt had barathiraja with his stupid voice stated in the beginning of the movie.. “En iniya thamizh makkalukku. Thayavu seidhu intha padathai parka vendam.”
It is better to watch ‘Taj Mahal’ starring the smiling buffalo(barathiraja’s son).
This movie falls under the all time flop category. Please don’t even refer the movie to your enemy. It is the biggest sin you will make in your life.
Rating :: 15/100

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