The film casts two surias, two jyothikas and one vivek. Suria has done both the roles really well. One is like the kalyanaraman role or more specifically a role played by shivaji with a crooked look.
The story goes like this. The ugly suria is tormented by many. He wants to marry a girl and lead a normal life and vivek is trying to help him on that. But nothing goes his way. Meanwhile there is a beautiful surya who loves a beautiful jyothika. Their love is opposed by their father. There is a rowdy who beats the ugly surya. The rowdy is beaten up by beautiful surya. The rowdy kills jyothika for revenge.
Now there is another ugly jyothika who begs as she is blind (My god..). She comes to ugly surya and ugly surya falls in love with ugly jyothika (fair enough).
Now comes the twist in the tale. Ugly jyothika is operated and she gets the eyes of beautiful jyothika who is no more and becomes beautiful. She first sees beautiful surya and thinks this is the person who helped her by mistake as ugly surya had lied to her that he is infact beautiful (Ohh..) So she hugs him. Seeing this ugly surya who thinks that he has been left out goes to a temple and stays there. But when jyothika realizes the truth she actually loves ugly surya.
Let me make it short. Finally beautiful surya kills the rowdy and goes to jail as in tamil films a person left alone without jodi must either die or go to jail. Ugly surya marries the beautiful jyothika who was once ugly and blind. (Leave me…)
Rating :: 60/100

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