This film starring vijay is expected to go well. It is a good commercial film with a good hero character, a good heroine character and also a very good villain character. Vijay is fond of playing kabadi and he is chellama called as gilli by his team mates. His father as expected opposes gilli’s kabadi intentions. The team goes for coimbatore for a semi finals. There vijay meets trisha. Actually the local don prakash raj falls in love with trisha and kills her two brothers as they oppose him. Vijay rescues her and elopes back to his home. There he hides her with the help of his sister. Vijay’s father is a policeman who is incharge of finding trisha, not knowing that she is in his home itself. Finally vijay hits prakash raj and gets trisha. The screenplay is again really good. The picturization also good inspite of a few glitches like the graphics scene where vijay showers chilli powder on the policemen. Vijay looks young and good. Trisha has done her part well. Prakash raj is a gem of an actor. When he says “Chellam, vada” to trisha his calibre is shown. Overall a good entertainer..


What the hell happened to director hari, or atleast to the top star Vikram. This film is a rotten one. I don’t really understand the theme that vikram will get angry if anyone speaks bad language. Is he a tamil prof or what?? No he is a good boy, who gets tremendously angry whenever he hears a hurting slang language being used.
He has a unique way of dealing with those situations. He tells “Say it again”. Is he interested in hearing it once more, you might ask. Then he tells. “See my eye and now say it again”. These are for making him really angry as he seems to be ok if the person tells it only once. so he forces him to tell it thrice (one looking at vikram’s eyes) and then he maar peets the poor guy who said it.
I am amazed. If only had vikram played a cricket match with us in our college, he would have ended up beating everyone in the field as for our guys the comma, full stop and even spaces are those wicked words of tamil language.
Too poor a performance from a top team.


Who said only music videos can be remixed. That is what the director has to say as he had very successfully remixed “Bhatsha”, the super dooper hit of rajnikanth. The only difference is that this time it is ‘Ajith’ who is playing the role of a hidden don.
One thing is for sure. Had there been no film like bhatsha and ‘Jana’ had come then we can consider it a pretty decent film. Now since it is a tamil remake of yet another tamil film, it fairs very poorly. The only thing is that Ajith looks a bit good in this movie. Just think how he was in ‘Red’ with a mottai and a thoppai and a colourful veti.
Sneha had probably messed up with her call sheets as she disappears like a genie, unexpectedly.
There are also a few comedy scenes like Jana’s dialogue “Thappu enga nadanthalum naan anga irupain. Adhu en thappu illai”. Wow !!! dialogue of this year.
There is nothing to discuss here as Jana is a poor xerox copy of batsha.
Rating :: 30/100

Ayutha Ezhuthu

One really good film from maniratnam. It also comes as Yuva in hindi starring ajay devagan in lead role. The actors in tamil are surya, maddy and siddarth (the boys tragedy). The film just portrays the lives of three young people and how they come into a common screenplay later. Maddy plays a wonderful role as adiyal. He has done a tremendous job and can be considered on par with many good actors of tamil industry. Even in a single shot he does not remind of our sweet, handsome maddy but becomes one with the character. Surya is also excellent and his hyper active role reminds us of karthik in ‘Mouna ragam’. Siddarth has nothing to do expect play the role of a young boy in love. Barathiraja has done the role of a politician and has done really well. His emotinal face sets the screen ablaze whenever he comes. His dialogues are well crafted. For eg in a meeting he says. “Have u even noticed the map of india. It is narrow in south and widened in north. Do u think it is because of geography. No. It is because we have been cheated” The story goes like this. Maddy is an adiyal who kills his brother and wants to become a great politician. In the process he has to kill Surya too as surya is a active student who makes villagers understand things and asks one of them to contest in elections. Maddy shoots surya, but surya is helped by siddarth to whom surya had given a lift in his bike. Surya stands in elections along with siddarth and a few others opposite barathiraja’s party and wins. The film tries to make us aware that politics must be treated as a profession by young people to change India. The screenplay is superb with the story revolving around maddy and his wife (meera jasmine in a good role). Surya’s girl is isha deal who has a great role of sitting in the bike with surya. Same is the case for trisha who comes as the heatthrob of siddarth and all she does is walk a few feets and board a train. The film is a class work from Mani Ratnam and a must see. Rating :: 70/100

Sema Ragalai

Like many sathyaraj films this one too is just a time pass. It has absolutely no logic or story. In this film also sathyaraj portrays a character who wants to go to foreign country. (even after getting a bad experience in anna nagar muthal theru). He has a friend mani, who does for better that other casts. Some of the scenes are laugable because of this person.
The film named aptly is sema ragalai from the start till end.
Sathyaraj kidnaps devayani (of all girls why devayani), mistaking her for his friend’s lover and for want of money to go urine (sorry foreign). Devayani actually is chased by two rowdies for obvious reasons. Sathyaraj as per the kidnap law section 143, not only saves and feeds the kidnapped person but also loves her.
She also loves him but sathyaraj feels that since mani is in love, he should not love devayani.
All of a sudden sathyaraj gets a 6th sense power when stuck by a lighting (These scenes are done by experts. Don’t try it at home or else u will be burned by the lighting). Now satyaraj can hear what others think. But the film does not use it to good comedy either.
In another accident satyaraj becomes devoid of the power. In many cases satyaraj narrates the story rather than acting it. Like he says “Lighting la vanthathu accident la poiduchi.” These are probably for the innocent tamil movie watchers to understand the movie.
Finally the obvious happens.
Rating :: 40/100, that too for the character mani.


The film casts two surias, two jyothikas and one vivek. Suria has done both the roles really well. One is like the kalyanaraman role or more specifically a role played by shivaji with a crooked look.
The story goes like this. The ugly suria is tormented by many. He wants to marry a girl and lead a normal life and vivek is trying to help him on that. But nothing goes his way. Meanwhile there is a beautiful surya who loves a beautiful jyothika. Their love is opposed by their father. There is a rowdy who beats the ugly surya. The rowdy is beaten up by beautiful surya. The rowdy kills jyothika for revenge.
Now there is another ugly jyothika who begs as she is blind (My god..). She comes to ugly surya and ugly surya falls in love with ugly jyothika (fair enough).
Now comes the twist in the tale. Ugly jyothika is operated and she gets the eyes of beautiful jyothika who is no more and becomes beautiful. She first sees beautiful surya and thinks this is the person who helped her by mistake as ugly surya had lied to her that he is infact beautiful (Ohh..) So she hugs him. Seeing this ugly surya who thinks that he has been left out goes to a temple and stays there. But when jyothika realizes the truth she actually loves ugly surya.
Let me make it short. Finally beautiful surya kills the rowdy and goes to jail as in tamil films a person left alone without jodi must either die or go to jail. Ugly surya marries the beautiful jyothika who was once ugly and blind. (Leave me…)
Rating :: 60/100

Kangalal kaithu sei (BharathiRaja)

We don’t have a TV at home yet and so we used to watch almost all new movies in our computer. “Kangalal Kaithu sei” by bharathi raja was one among them. It is too bad that I doubt whether I could call it a movie at all. Sheer stupidity. It was suppossed to be a thriller or have we misunderstood. Atleast the music director Rahman could have told “dei raja, idhu oru padam. Idhuku naan music vera podanum”.
The movie starts with the introduction of hero. He is a business mag(NUT). He has so much to his name in a small age. But there is a hidden personality in him. He did not get the affection from his parents and grew up in a strict environment. So he longs for it and his image for that is ‘Cinderella’. When he sees our heroine he thinks she is cinderella. (Like Abirami abirami… from guna).
Another thing is that he has a notorious habit of stealing. He steals a costly diamond in which the heroine is working and she is blamed. She tries to get it back from him by working with him as his secretary. Believe me the story will be much worse when you actually see it. The characters are made with uttermost carelessness, not to mention the screenplay. I think it would have been apt had barathiraja with his stupid voice stated in the beginning of the movie.. “En iniya thamizh makkalukku. Thayavu seidhu intha padathai parka vendam.”
It is better to watch ‘Taj Mahal’ starring the smiling buffalo(barathiraja’s son).
This movie falls under the all time flop category. Please don’t even refer the movie to your enemy. It is the biggest sin you will make in your life.
Rating :: 15/100